Global Impact 2013


Welcome to Global Impact 2013, Deloitte's annual report. A snapshot of the depth and breadth of the Deloitte story, it provides facts about our network and highlights of our work, culture, people, and broad range of businesses.
Executive message
Welcome to Deloitte's 10th Global Report—a worldwide review of our network's unwavering commitment to quality and the impact we've made in FY2013.
Vision and values
Deloitte aspires to be the first choice of the most sought-after clients and talent. We share this aspiration across the network and pursue it As One. Mindful of our role in society, our obligation to member firm clients, and our responsibility to our people, we are not afraid to aim high.
Investment in quality
Quality. It's a common thread woven through the Deloitte culture that marks all that we do. It's also a perpetual quest. Our commitment to continuous improvement allows us to meet the high standards and expectations of regulators, clients, and the investing public. We also view our investments in quality as helping create the conditions that will enable society to prosper.
World-class businesses
The world has changed. And, continues to change. How to keep up? Or, better yet, get ahead? To help clients solve their most complex problems, our firms integrate across a breadth of capabilities and leverage a truly global network to serve clients wherever they choose to compete.
Deloitte's 47 member firms have offices in over 150 countries and territories. Our firms around the world serve clients in these locations as well as many others.
Outlook and strategy
Many leaders turn to Deloitte for solutions to their most difficult issues. We've proven our ability to help organizations face severe external forces. To ensure our own growth, we collaborate with government, community, and other leading organizations and continually enhance our capabilities to be able to address outside forces before they can shape us.
Strategic acquisitions
With nearly 30 acquisitions across the network in FY2013, Deloitte has significantly augmented member firm service offerings and global delivery, particularly in the areas of innovation and service capability.
Performance numbers
FY2013 performance infographics, including revenue, headcount, locations, and community investments.

Clients & Insights

Clients want to thrive, not just survive. Here are stories from around the Deloitte network that demonstrate the transformational impact of inventive problem solving, a multidisciplinary portfolio—Consulting, Financial Advisory, Tax, Legal, Enterprise Risk Services, and Audit—analyst-recognized capabilities, deep industry know-how, and a truly global reach.
CFO Transition
Innovative solutions
Innovation—both sustaining and disruptive—is imperative to survive and thrive in a world of exponential change. Can it be taught? Can it be put into practice to achieve repeatable results? We think so. Deloitte's integrated innovation capability combines business strategy and management consulting with design expertise to help clients predict what's around the corner and get ahead of the competition.
Financial leadership
With changing regulatory requirements, complicated tax laws, health care implementation, economic woes, and evolving stakeholder demands, among others, CFOs today are under considerable pressure. Deloitte's Global CFO Programs guide CFOs throughout their career journey to better navigate complex business challenges and support them in their efforts to help their organizations succeed.
Multidisciplinary offerings
What do large-scale transactions, mission critical strategy implementation, and the day-to-day operations of a multinational corporation have in common? Complexity. Deloitte's multidisciplinary offerings coordinate global delivery of services that address financial, tax, legal, HR, technology, risk management, and other considerations to help clients understand local market intricacies and identify global opportunities.
Audit quality
Consistent delivery of world-class audits. Working proactively with regulators around the world. Contributing to policy development to improve audit quality. Helping companies adopt international reporting standards. These are just some of the ways Deloitte fulfills its public interest role.
Ethical management
Supply chain risk ranks among the top concerns of executives, because of its potential impact to a company's brand and reputation. Yet many admit their risk management programs are not adequately effective. Deloitte helps member firm clients identify supply chain issues and resolve human rights risks.
Protecting client data
A new breed of criminal is waging war online. The frequency and ingenuity of cyber attacks continues to increase, placing great strain on organizations to protect their stakeholders. Our firms around the world have been helping companies detect fraud and prevent computer crime for years. As the largest information technology consulting practice in the world, Deloitte intensifies its focus on cyber resilience to help organizations recover from intrusions and get back to business quickly.
Broader services
Today's businesses must contend with increasingly complex legal and tax challenges. To help clients address the tax and legal implications of globalization, Deloitte has expanded its service portfolio. In Europe, broader services include a burgeoning legal practice—with 1,100 lawyers, Deloitte Legal is the sixth largest legal services organization and provides holistic guidance to multinationals in 55 countries.
Expanding clients' horizons
In a changed and increasingly competitive world, companies are seeking new markets, customers, and investment opportunities beyond their national borders. Deloitte's Country Services Groups combine the vast capabilities and experiences of a cohesive global network with local know-how and connections to help companies deal with unfamiliar cultures and business environments.
Advancing the greater good
When business joins forces with organizations who seek to advance the greater good, all parties can prosper and society—above all—benefits. Whether enabling responsive government or implementing efficiencies to improve social enterprise outcomes, Deloitte considers it a privilege to help those who seek to deliver public benefit.
Connecting clients, customers
Data proliferation is creating a rich minefield of insight into market needs and customer behaviors. For those who can make sense of it, big data can be a competition-quashing boon. In the past year, Deloitte continued to enhance strategic insight and analytical capability to deliver to member firm clients digital solutions that drive revenue.

Talent & Opportunity

One person can make a huge difference. We see that every day at Deloitte. Now, imagine the impact a global team of 200,000-plus, working together, can make. Get a glimpse of what it means to be a member of the Deloitte network.
Margot Thom
Deloitte talent experience
Four key attributes distinguish the Deloitte talent experience: lead, develop, flex, and connect. Global and local talent programs are designed to support Deloitte people in creating their own career experiences, offer opportunities to do meaningful work, and allow them to grow, learn, and lead at every point in their careers.
Growing leaders is what we do. Our commitment to building strong leaders at every level is constant and experienced by all Deloitte people—from new hires to experienced professionals, from emerging talent to seasoned partners. We do this to strengthen connections and collaboration across the network, enabling our people to deliver high quality service.
International experience
Business is global. Therefore, doing business successfully requires global mindsets and borderless thinking. At Deloitte, international opportunity is a cornerstone of our talent experience and central to member firms' ability to serve clients well wherever they operate. Prioritizing mobility opens the door to a world of opportunity—for our people and member firm clients.
Workforce transformation
Consider French law firm Taj, a part of the Deloitte network: Half of its executives are women and give out of the 10 highest-paid employees are women, as are 42 percent of the firm's partners. Just as impressive is the 70 percent growth the firm achieved in a difficult economy. For Taj, business success coincides with its efforts to improve diversity and inclusion.
Global talent security
Keeping 200,000-plus people safe—around the clock, wherever they are in the world—is the mission of DTTL's Global Security Office (GSO). With Deloitte people traveling extensively, the GSO works tirelessly to anticipate and mitigate risks, provide security plans and support, offer guidance about general and country-specific travel issues, and create contingencies for crisis to ensure a swift response, if necessary.

Economies & Communities

Being a leading global professional services provider brings both opportunity and responsibility. We apply our skills and resources where we can make the greatest impact. Find out how we are advancing economic prosperity and social wellbeing in our communities.
Collaborating to Strengthen Humanitarian Leadership
Economic integrity
No country is immune to corruption. Its immoral and corrosive effects damage industrialized and developing countries. Deloitte is active in the fight against corruption, contributing to a more accountable global market. We support compliance functions, internal controls, robust training, and public policies and principles that raise business standards to help organizations recognize, resist, and confront corruption quickly.
Environmental sustainability
A global network of more than 200,000 people has a measurable influence on the environment. We're working to ensure that influence will be positive overall. Deloitte vigorously promotes environmental sustainability across the global network. And, the 800-plus dedicated member firm sustainability specialists are helping clients transition to sustainable business models and practices that will deliver long-term financial growth.
Preparing youth for tomorrow
Helping young people reach their full potential is a global mission. Working alongside educators, nonprofit leaders, and governments, Deloitte is leading the development and delivery of programs that are enabling young people to develop the citizenship, employability, professional, and entrepreneurship skills they need to thrive.
Delivering social impact
Humanitarian, environmental, and economic progress are more than aspirations; they are at the core of our organizational mindset. Deloitte member firms use their advisory capabilities to help solve the big issues we face today. We focus our efforts where we can make the biggest difference and align ourselves with organizations that share our goal to improve social impact.

Operations & Governance

Trust—fostered through quality, integrity, and consistency in every interaction—is at the heart of how we work. Here are examples of how Deloitte works diligently to earn trust and confidence.
Cyber Security. Evolved.
Organizational structure
The Deloitte network comprises firms that are members of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), a UK private company limited by guarantee. This structure allows our network to be a leader at all levels, because its central governance policies are sensitive to the professional environments and cultures of individual countries.
Leadership and governance
Diligence fosters trust. Maintaining strong governance and leadership structures, at both the global and member firm levels, helps Deloitte maintain high levels of quality and integrity and earns our network the trust of member firm clients, our people, the capital markets, and the public.
Influencing public policy
Our commitment to promote confidence and economic growth underpins our active participation in the dynamic regulatory and public policy debates around the world. Deloitte collaborates with stakeholders and contributes to policy development to improve audit quality and shape the development of strong and functioning capital markets.
Risk management
Maintaining high quality requires rigorous, diligent risk management. Risk touches every person at Deloitte. Clients depend on member firms to protect their data and serve them without conflict of interest. We work extremely hard to avoid mistakes, anticipate and manage risk, and sustain our commitment to quality.
Ethical muscle helps us recognize ethical issues when they arise, handle difficult situations with sensitivity and good judgment, and raise our voices when things don't feel right. Programs designed to promote and sustain ethical conduct, a set of global Ethical Principles and Shared Values, and multilateral efforts with leading external organizations help us build and strengthen ethical muscle.
Independence and quality are the foundations upon which Deloitte is built. They are essential to our integrity, our impartiality, our obligation to serve the investing public, and member firms' ability to retain and attract clients.
Data privacy and security
Vigilance in data privacy and security begins at home, where we protect and assures the confidentiality of our people and member firm clients. Robust processes and new technologies and services are reviewed and implemented to ensure we continue to meet internal privacy and security standards.
Reporting process
The Deloitte 2013 Global Impact Report aims to provide Deloitte stakeholders with a truly global and balanced picture of our impact on society and ongoing commitment to remain a leader in our professions.