Influencing public policy

Deloitte joins other businesses at the annual OECD Business meeting, March 2013.

Committed to promoting confidence and economic growth

Deloitte is committed to the public interest and is an active participant in the dynamic regulatory and public-policy arenas around the world. Member firms contribute to policy development that promotes investor confidence, a level playing field, and economic growth, which has a positive effect on society.

We focus particularly on areas where Deloitte has considerable expertise, including audit quality, taxation, financial markets infrastructure, women in the economy, and anti-corruption, among others.

Deloitte remains committed to collaborating with stakeholders, including member firm regulators and other government groups, to improve audit quality and strengthen auditor independence. Much of this effort is focused on the future role of auditors and developing audit reports that provide information that investors need and want. To this end, Deloitte continues to be engaged in various financial market standard-setting and public-policy forums where we collaborate with government and business stakeholders, sharing our insights and professional experiences.

"Deloitte is committed to helping shape the development of strong and functioning capital markets; this means improving audit quality and strengthening reporting," says Jeff Potts, Deloitte Global Regulatory & Public Policy Leader. "It also means sharing the insights and experiences of our 200,000-plus member firm professionals, whose experiences provide valuable insights into a broader public-policy development agenda."

Deloitte Global Corporate Governance and Public Policy Leader Dan Konigsburg (Chair, Corporate Governance Committee) joins BIAC team members (left to right) Jennifer Son, Hanni Rosenbaum and Courtney Haseley.

Coordinated initiatives

Through the combined efforts of professionals across Deloitte, the Global Regulatory and Public Policy Group continues to strengthen engagements with external policy makers, including the G20/B20 and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), that share our concerns on issues impacting sustainable economic growth and development.

Left to right: Charles Heeter, Deloitte U.S. Partner (Retired) and outgoing Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) Board Chairman, and Angel Gurria. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Secretary General, at the annual OECD Business Meeting, March 2013.

We also worked during FY2013 to collaborate with key policy-influencer groups—such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) through its Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC), the World Economic Forum, and the German Marshall Fund of the United States—in an effort to contribute positively to policy development that fosters long-term growth.

Member firm participation

Public-policy development varies by geography and so, too, does the level of Deloitte member firm engagement. In FY2013, member firms built deeper and stronger local engagement programs in order to provide more valuable contributions to myriad socio-economic policy challenges. Issues member firms focused on this year included skills and mobility, education, productivity, technology and connectivity, and unemployment.

To support public-policy development within the member firms, DTTL has developed a stronger collaboration infrastructure that includes a community of practice for public-policy leads, a dedicated intranet, and tools that can be adapted across member firms. Deloitte utilizes cross-border working groups on key policy issues, including women in the economy (e.g., women on boards), taxation, bank audits, and anticorruption. Through these and similar combined activities, Deloitte member firms are delivering on their public-interest commitment to the marketplace and to society at large.