Preparing youth for tomorrow

Deloitte Middle East collaborated with INJAZ al-Arab, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, to design and launch Be Entrepreneurial, an entrepreneurial skills program.

Programs help young people reach their full potential

Deloitte aims to make a difference in the lives of more than one million young people by 2015. Working alongside educators, nonprofit leaders, and governments, member firms are leading the development and delivery of solutions to local education and skills challenges. Deloitte-supported programs are helping to develop citizenship, employability, professional, and entrepreneurial skills that will last a lifetime.

"We're committed to making a positive impact in education and skills because society depends on the success of today's young people. They must to be prepared to excel in today's knowledge-based economy," says Barry Salzberg, DTTL Chief Executive Officer. "Our goal is to provide underserved young people with better opportunities so they can fulfill their hopes and potential.

"Education systems have to adapt to the ongoing shift to a knowledge economy, which has already contributed to widespread youth unemployment in many countries," Salzberg continues. "Deloitte member firms have established close to 120 high-impact education and skills programs in local communities. They're helping governments, nonprofits, and educators to give young people the skills they need to thrive for decades to come."

Deloitte's global impact

In India, DTTL and Deloitte U.S. have supported Pratham USA to open six Achievement Centers.

Our focus is on collaborating with high-impact programs and continually assessing the results we are helping those programs achieve. Last year, Deloitte member firms contributed more than 350,000 aggregate hours of pro bono and volunteering to education and skills programs.

Deloitte professionals actively volunteer by delivering workshops and mentoring young people to achieve their education, career, and life goals. We also serve as catalysts, convening with others to address challenges and envision solutions.

Last year, member firms directed more than US$91 million in pro bono services and volunteer time to local programs.

Responding to the challenge

For the last two years, Deloitte has provided additional support and investment to two programs tackling pressing needs—youth unemployment in the Middle East and access to education for young women in India. Together, local Deloitte staff and organizations designed and launched innovative new programs.

Deloitte Middle East collaborated with INJAZ al-Arab, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide, to design and launch Be Entrepreneurial, an entrepreneurial skills program. To date, more than 3,300 high school and university students in six countries have participated. Deloitte Middle East professionals are bringing their real-world experiences to classrooms and serve as mentors. Next year, Deloitte Middle East and INJAZ will launch a business plan competition with an online app that enables cross-border, pan-Arab cooperation and competition, as well as skills development.

In India, DTTL and Deloitte U.S. have supported Pratham USA to open six Achievement Centers. More than 900 young women who had previously dropped out of school enrolled in the program. Their coursework prepared them for secondary school examinations, taught them vocational and employability skills, and helped them gain personal confidence. The women also are imparting their knowledge to others, teaching courses to more than 4,000 primary students.

In 2011, INJAZ al-Arab and Pratham USA were each recipients of DTTL grants that have enabled the activation of these programs, in addition to the support provided by the U.S. and Middle East member firms.

Hours of volunteer and pro bono work by Deloitte people


Impact across other member firms

Deloitte Australia—High Resolves
The High Resolves Global Citizenship and Leadership Programs provide a three-year curriculum for more than 32,000 students in secondary school in Australia. Through interactive workshops and mentoring, which Deloitte Australia professionals volunteer to support, students develop the mindsets, skills, and confidence needed to become purposeful global citizens.

Deloitte Brazil—Projeto Comunidade
Deloitte Brazil has helped more than 200 young people in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Sao Paulo develop and strengthen their employability skills. Deloitte Brazil professionals serve as mentors to program participants, help them prepare their résumés, and guide them in job interview skills.

Deloitte CanadaThe Learning Partnership (TLP)
Deloitte Canada and TLP have collaborated for 16 years to support public education in Canada. Deloitte Canada played a major role in TLP's Education Summit, which gathered senior leaders from business, education, and government to generate innovative ideas and recommendations on how to strengthen the public education system and prepare students for the global economy.

Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda (Cayman Islands)—Deloitte Employability Initiative
Since September 2012, more than 250 students have participated in the Deloitte Employability Initiative at the Cayman Islands Further Education Center. Initially launched by Deloitte UK, the program enables secondary and college students to develop the personal skills, attitudes, and behaviors to succeed in the workplace.

Deloitte Chile—Preparing My Future
Deloitte professionals in Chile deliver a skills management program for disadvantaged young people in technical schools. Through participation in mentoring sessions and workshops, students are encouraged to accomplish their work aspirations. More than 50 percent of the students completing the program were offered opportunities to join Deloitte Chile. The majority of them will also pursue university studies.

Deloitte ChinaA Village Adoption Project in Yunnan
Deloitte China is advancing the development of education, healthcare, and sustainable economic systems in its two adopted villages in Yunnan. Its pioneering private-public collaboration has reached more than 340 families since 2007, engaging 100-plus Deloitte China professionals and 120 students from the Lingnan University. Last year, volunteers helped develop the first-ever library facilities and reading program, and provided scholarships to four students who are the first from their community to pursue university studies.

Deloitte LATCO (Ecuador)—Quick Skills
Deloitte Ecuador, along with Universidad San Francisco de Quito, launched an innovative, online training initiative. Courses, led by senior Deloitte professionals in Ecuador, focus on technical subjects including tax advisory, corporate responsibility, and financial advisory. Also, Deloitte Ecuador's "University Education Program" has provided leadership awards to more than 60 high school and university students and helped more than 5,000 students prepare for work since it was launched in 2005.

Deloitte France—Winning Twinning
Since 2010, this program has reached more than 1,500 secondary school students in suburbs around Paris. It currently provides about 200 students with mentors from Deloitte France and supports them to develop employability and entrepreneurial skills. The program, supported by 250 Deloitte France volunteers, is a pioneering exchange between public secondary schools and the private sector. The program has been scaled to six schools across France.

Deloitte Germany—Horizontec
Horizontec brings in an innovative approach to education in six Bavarian secondary schools. Launched in 2012, the German Deloitte Foundation contributes its skills and expertise to strengthening the impact of this project. To date, it has reached more than 400 students, supporting them to develop science and technology skills.

Deloitte NetherlandsIMC Weekend School
Each year, 900 children from some of the Netherland's most disadvantaged neighborhoods attend the IMC Weekend School, supported by Deloitte Netherland's "Fair Chance Foundation." This 2.5-year curriculum focuses on broadening 10- to 14-year-olds' perspectives, increasing their self-confidence, and helping them establish stronger connections with the rest of Dutch society.

Deloitte LATCO (Peru)—La Compañia
Deloitte professionals in Peru volunteer with La Compania, a program of Junior Achievement. The program reaches more than 3,000 young people every year. By participating in workshops that foster citizenship and entrepreneurial skills, high school students are better prepared to establish and run their own businesses.

Deloitte Southern AfricaTEACH South Africa
Each year, more than 50 TEACH South Africa ambassadors are recruited to instill leadership, communication and entrepreneurial skills in under-resourced schools. Deloitte Southern Africa professionals developed the strategy for the program, supported its implementation, serve on the board, support fund-raising, and mentor program participants. TEACH has engaged more than 50,000 young people in its programs the past five years.

Deloitte SpainEmpieza por Educar
Deloitte Spain has been supporting Empieza por Educar, an affiliate of Teach for All, since its launch in 2012. Deloitte Spain provides advisory support on human resources matters and helps nurture the organization's relationships with universities so it can recruit talented students to become teachers in high-need schools.