Multidisciplinary offerings

Simon Gisby, U.S. Corporate Finance Partner, facilitates the inaugural learning program, "Success in Global Mergers & Acquisitions." Deloitte China and Deloitte U.S. practitioners partnered to deliver this multidisciplinary program in Beijing in January 2013.

Committed to creating value across disciplines, geographies

Some companies grow so fast that their business models, information systems, and even their cultures can't keep pace. Conversely, mature businesses often are challenged to coordinate and simplify far-flung operations, leverage their scale, find new paths for growth, and adapt to an ever-changing competitive landscape.

No matter where an organization is on this spectrum, Deloitte's multidisciplinary offerings have made Deloitte the go-to brand for corporations, governments, and other groups that need thoughtful strategies and broad proficiencies to tackle their most complex issues and succeed.

When clients initiate any kind of large-scale activity, there can be a confluence of financial, tax, legal, human resources, technology, risk management, and many other considerations. "That plays to our strengths," explains John Levis, in his role as Deloitte Global Integrated Market Offerings Leader. "Deloitte's offerings bring the full breadth of member firm capabilities together to provide issue-based solutions that help member firm clients uncover new insights, improve performance, increase competitiveness, create new futures, and look past traditional ways of doing business."

Not only do Deloitte member firms offer a wide range of important services in a coordinated manner, but the network also has professionals in more than 150 countries who can guide clients through local intricacies and implications.

Combining global, local knowledge

Deloitte U.S. already had demonstrated the power of professional services integration to one of the world's leading food-service retailers, helping with a broad human resource transformation. So, when the client needed a hand in late 2012 supporting one of its highest-priority strategic initiatives—a five-year, Oracle-enabled project in 25 countries—the Deloitte U.S. firm's Finance Transformation team was selected. The two projects—involving integration across audit advisory, enterprise risk services, consulting, and tax disciplines—ultimately will impact the client's operations in more than 80 countries.

"This was a case of an existing client needing an organization that combines global vision with local experience, actively collaborates across borders to provide outstanding client service, and acts As One to resolve issues and exploit opportunities," says Steven Ehrenhalt, Deloitte Global Finance Transformation Leader. "The client was so confident in the U.S. firm's ability to execute the Finance transformation that the U.S. firm actually displaced a competitor midstream."

Another well-known food industry client also turned to Deloitte U.S. recently to re-launch an initiative that failed to get off the ground with a competing firm. The client, which boasts 15 power brands and does business in 21 countries, needed to operate more consistently, effectively, and efficiently on a global scale.

"It was important for the client to maintain the integrity of its global template by minimizing local customizations," says Alan Langhals, Principal, Deloitte Consulting U.S. "Alongside the technical deployment, we provided business readiness and change management support for each local deployment, identifying and supporting change impact plans, from strategy to implementation."

The Deloitte U.S. firm's cross-functional approach and innovative, SAP-based solutions helped the client standardize its global processes, increase productivity, reduce technical infrastructure costs, and improve its global data visibility and business intelligence capabilities.

Answering varied challenges

Immediate growth isn't every client's goal. Sometimes, they need help from advisory professionals to exit noncore segments, markets, and geographies and transform operations.

That was the case with a large global bank facing new economic realities as it sought to realign its global operating model and re-focus on strategic priorities. Deloitte U.S., with support from the UK and Hong Kong/China member firms and in collaboration with the client, created a global transaction team that is planning, executing, and managing a portfolio of more than 45 global divestitures. "These Deloitte member firms are providing client senior leadership with the cross-functional insights, tools, and expertise needed to successfully execute an array of transaction types across businesses and cultures," says Paul Legere, Deloitte Global FSI M&A and Restructuring Services Leader.

The U.S. firm is becoming the bank's global resource for M&A and outsourcing, the latter together with the UK firm. The two firms also have begun important work on data analytics. In addition, joint U.S. and LATCO firm initiatives on critical change management, technology transformation, and cost challenges are evolving. "All of these are global client priorities, further branding Deloitte as the bank's transformation resource," Legere says.

Anticipating change

Deloitte member firms are trusted by many clients to assist them in identifying emerging threats, unseen competitors, and new revenue streams so they may better position themselves for the future. A good example is the work being done to help both public- and private-sector clients maximize their investments in infrastructure and capital projects (IC&P), which include: mega projects, such as rail or bridges; major events; public-private partnerships; and infrastructure funds. Member firm practitioners deliver services spanning the entire IC&P life cycle, from strategy and planning to disposal and decommissioning.

Cost savings and revenue generation also are the critical outcomes of two current engagements led by member firms' City Solutions offering, which helps cities around the world become more competitive and resilient. Deloitte Spain is working with a major telecommunications company to provide technology-enabled support services to a major European city. And, Deloitte UK, with input from Deloitte U.S., is advising a major city on inward investment strategies and job creation for high-value manufacturing.

Helping organizations navigate the ongoing evolution of digital technologies, including mobile applications, social media tools, and cloud-based technologies, is another priority. Deloitte's groundbreaking contributions in this arena range from strategy development and tax planning to operating model design and M&A planning.

The power of multidisciplinary offerings is Deloitte's ability to combine collective knowledge to deliver holistic strategies that anticipate security, trade, competitiveness, resource, climate, and other issues that will define the future. Each harnesses Deloitte's broad spectrum of experience, and demonstrates how Deloitte is constantly exploring and developing new capabilities to anticipate and meet changing markets and client needs.

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