Innovative solutions

With more than 21,000 visitors to date, the Deloitte Analytics Highly Immersive Visual Environment (HIVE) (Deloitte U.S.) in Rosslyn, Va., provides a hands-on setting for U.S. firm professionals to work with clients to solve their most pressing business challenges through innovative approaches to analytics and data visualization.

Committed to inspiring creative problem solving

In today's world of exponential change driven by new technologies, shifting demographics, and rapidly evolving market needs, innovation is increasingly recognized as an imperative, not a choice. Clients, analysts, and prospective employees demand it. Investors reward it. And competitors will overtake you if you don't achieve it.

Nurturing a "what if" attitude among clients is a priority for Deloitte because it turns incremental progress into leapfrog advances. "Deloitte is developing the innovation programs, infrastructure, and cultural mindset to help ourselves and those who rely on us to drive innovation—both sustaining and disruptive—as well as anticipate with greater precision what's around the corner," says John Levis, in his role as Deloitte Global Chief Innovation Officer. "Deloitte has integrated innovation capability by combining exceptional business strategy and management consulting with leading design expertise. By doing so, we are significantly differentiating ourselves from our competitors."

Deloitte South Africa's innovationZone™, part of the Deloitte Greenhouse network, has hosted over 200 strategic sessions, since its opening in FY2012.The firm has received follow-on work from 85 percent of these engagements.

Monitor/Doblin acquisition

Deloitte's abilities were enhanced in 2013 by the acquisition of Monitor, one of the world's leading strategy consulting firms, and its innovation practice, Doblin. "The acquisition of Monitor and Doblin allows Deloitte to expand its client-facing innovation offerings through Doblin's differentiated methodologies," says Mike Canning, Global Co-Leader of Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte U.S.). "With expanded expertise in customer and market strategy, corporate and business unit strategy and innovation, and the life sciences and consumer products industries, we have strengthened our ability to integrate strategy and implementation to deliver even greater value to member firm clients."

Deloitte UK's iZone™, part of the Deloitte Greenhouse network, has held over 130 events—including nearly 100 client events—since its opening in FY2012.

Creative environments

Our culture of innovation is perhaps best illustrated by Deloitte Greenhouses, a global network of member firm-owned flexible, interactive physical spaces where clients solve their most challenging issues in new and unexpected ways. Currently, there are nine member firm Greenhouses offering a range of innovative capabilities, with Canada being the first country to integrate multiple offerings at one location.

"Greenhouses provide a unique and valuable experience for clients, one that differentiates Deloitte from its competitors," says Terry Stuart, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte Canada. "Greenhouses use a range of methodologies, facilitation techniques, and collaborative technologies that accelerate the development of innovative solutions for clients in any industry."

Leveraging innovative approaches and spaces, member firms not only are helping clients, but they're also demonstrating Deloitte's broad capabilities. For example:

  • Deloitte Southern Africa is working with Barclay's Growth and Innovation Unit to develop six to eight new business models to improve customer centricity, focus on the production of goods and services, and monetize back-office capabilities. The firm worked with its ecosystem alliance company—FutureWorld—and used Doblin's "Ten Types of Innovation" framework to define long-term scenarios in which the client's new businesses will need to compete.
  • The Australian firm's Operational Excellence (OE) team has developed a "solutions room" concept to demonstrate Deloitte's wide reach across the life cycle of a mining project that is being adopted across member firm mining practices. "In line with the pragmatism of miners, brown paper was placed on every available wall around the training room and furnished with 20 floor-to-ceiling panels of real-life examples of work that we have done in the mining sector," explains Bruce Williamson, the OE leader for Deloitte Australia. "The solutions room is designed to allow clients to identify gaps in their operations, which stimulates conversation. This tactile approach really resonates with clients."
  • Doblin worked with a healthcare alliance facing seismic changes in its technology, regulatory, and industry landscape. By working with the client's CEO and board, Doblin helped create and bring to market a radical new business, based on a more efficient, open, and digitally-enabled platform. The team worked collaboratively with clients to launch the pilot 50 percent faster than the client's historical track record, and new customer adoption results exceeded targets by 50 percent in the first six months. At the same time, Doblin helped the organization build a new innovation function to enable more reliable and effective innovation going forward.

Inventive relationships

Deloitte is developing a global "external innovation ecosystem" with leading innovators to improve our ability to sense, create, adapt to, and develop new opportunities for both Deloitte and member firm clients. These strategic relationships, formed by member firms, are being, or have the potential to be, leveraged globally.

  • Deloitte U.S. has formed a three-year exclusive alliance with Singularity University and the XPRIZE Foundation centered on an executive initiative called the Innovation Partnership Program. It aims to capitalize on emerging and disruptive technological and organizational innovation to spur global economic development and business commerce, while supporting a mission to help humanity solve its greatest challenges. Deloitte Netherlands also has a contract with Singularity University to advance innovation capability and inspire staff and clients with Singularity's vision and speakers.
  • As a member of the MIT Media Lab, Deloitte U.S. gains access to pre-eminent faculty and more than 400 cutting-edge projects across 26 lab areas. It offers us a springboard for innovative ideas and allows us to bring business challenges to the Lab and explore new technologies, products, services, and solutions.
  • Since 2007, Deloitte Southern Africa has worked with the global business and technology think tank FutureWorld to help CEOs and executive management teams understand, design, and create their future business strategies.
  • In an exclusive 10-year agreement with the London Business School, Deloitte UK has enabled the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Through its extensive research, teaching, and outreach activities, the Institute allows member firm clients and Deloitte professionals to access the latest insights and tools needed to lead innovation within complex environments.
  • For almost two decades, DTTL has taken a leading role in advancing the World Economic Forum's objective of "improving the state of the world." DTTL's contributions as a strategic advisor and its participation in summits throughout the year—including the annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland—has helped produce fresh ideas, sparked needed debate, and offered forward-thinking approaches to some of the most vexing issues confronting businesses, governments, and civil society.

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