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No longer satisfied with merely exporting products around the world, companies based in China, South Korea, and Japan increasingly are seeking to flex their financial muscle by acquiring or investing in operations outside their national borders.

Dealing with unfamiliar cultures and business environments can be a barrier to progress, which Deloitte's local know-how and connections can remove. "The Deloitte Country Services Groups excel at helping companies discover business opportunities in markets with high inbound and outbound activity, and where success in relationship building and client-service excellence requires culturally aligned resources," says Mark Robinson, former Deloitte Global Country Services Groups Leader and current Chief Operating Officer of Deloitte China.

"The way member firms map their teams with clients, taking advantage of a cohesive, global network, really gives Deloitte a leg up in the market," Robinson continues. "Member firms have local-market expertise in many emerging countries that others don't have."

Nowhere is this cross-border cooperation more apparent than in Southeast Asia (SEA), where Japanese and SEA consultants have formed a joint venture to deliver services to the increasing number of Japanese manufacturing clients with production operations in the ASEAN region. There is significant Japanese investment in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and neighboring markets like Myanmar, where DTTL established an independent correspondent firm relationship with the professional services firm, Myanmar Vigour Co. Ltd., in 2013.

Toyota has become the largest client of the SEA firm in less than a year. "Deloitte's knowledge of our industry and of country markets, regulations, and cultures has been invaluable to our expansion," according to a Toyota Motor executive. "Their ability to coordinate their support to Toyota around the world in a borderless and seamless manner makes them very valuable to us."

South America is another priority market for Deloitte and its clients. In February, the Deloitte Country Services Groups organized a "trade mission" that put leaders from China, Japan, and South Korea face-to-face with industry and government leaders in Brazil, LATCO, and Chile to discuss opportunities in mining, oil and gas, and other industry sectors.

"There was a high level of engagement among all parties. Everyone took an active role in discussing and articulating the opportunities and committing to work together on executing the plans for agreed actions," says Hitoshi Matsumoto, Deloitte Japan Co-Leader, Japanese Services Group. "Seeing all these networks in action was very impressive."

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