Connecting clients, customers

Global Technology Services (GTS) recently designed, developed, and launched the Deloitte App Center, a shared digital infrastructure to discover, share, and download mobile and Web apps. Featuring more than 150 apps from 23 member firms, App Center is being used by Deloitte practitioners in 103 countries. App Center also goes beyond apps, connecting Deloitte people and teams, designs, and ideas across every function to catalyze innovation in Deloitte's business and client service.

Committed to driving revenue with digital solutions

In the past year, Deloitte continued to successfully combine creativity and industry knowledge with strategic insight and analytics to deliver a growing number of innovative solutions to member firm clients.

Deloitte undertook a collaborative research project with a telecommunication services provider in the Asia Pacific region to more effectively monetize customer data, particularly location data. It is estimated that during the next 10 years, personal-location data has the potential to create up to US$700 billion in value, including from highly targeted ads that reach consumer mobile device at the right time and location.

Deloitte Analytics Institute Asia (DAI), part of Deloitte Southeast Asia, collaborated with the telecommunication services provider to develop actionable insights from raw location data. DAI researchers went a step beyond the state of the art in location analytics, incorporating knowledge of key locations, modes of travel between those locations (walking, driving, etc.), and near real-time prediction of customer movement for a variety of potential advertising and churn management applications.

By demonstrating how location data can be leveraged to enable a new paradigm in targeted ads, DAI convinced the telecommunication services provider to take the technology from research collaboration to a nationwide rollout in 2013.

Transforming the landscape

Since its launch in 2011, one Australian company has been working with Deloitte Australia to define and deliver an innovative digital strategy that quickly has achieved enormous success in digital sales, service, and customer satisfaction.

During the past year, the Australia firm's cross-functional teams significantly raised the effectiveness of the client's marketing campaigns and digital offers using detailed analytics and propensity modeling. They also rebuilt a number of the client's mobile and Web assets, enhancing service and building new revenue streams. And with the firm's help, the client identified significant cost savings by migrating customer transactions from high-cost payment and communications channels to digital alternatives.

Building a bolder e-commerce presence

A Deloitte UK client, popular retailer John Lewis, engaged the firm for guidance in selecting a new e-commerce platform to achieve its goal of becoming, "Britain's leading omnichannel retailer." After witnessing Deloitte UK's cross-firm and cross-functional capabilities first hand, the client ultimately selected Deloitte UK as the systems integrator for the new platform.

"We helped John Lewis define the required business and technology capabilities and software to deliver its business goals, and then acted as the implementation provider to replace the client's e-commerce platform," says Ian Geddes, Head of UK Retail, Deloitte UK. "We wanted to deliver a solution that was not just market leading, but market beating."

Leveraging creative and technical specialization from the UK, United States, and Australia, Deloitte UK worked with John Lewis' internal team to implement new e-commerce and Web content-management software to deliver a new, mobile-friendly, customer-facing website.

"I've always said that there are no IT projects, only business projects. So, major technology change in the shape of a new website platform was always a critical element in our business strategy," explains Paul Coby, IT Director, John Lewis. "Deloitte played a vital role in its successful delivery, from product selection through to implementation, bringing experience, capability, and an understanding of the chosen technology."

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