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Lawyers from the German law firm Raupach & Wollert-Elmendorff, who have been cooperating more closely with Deloitte Germany since late 2012, speak with potential recruits at a local recruiting fair, along with colleagues from Deloitte Germany.

Committed to increasing competitive advantage

In a game of word association, "Deloitte" typically would evoke responses such as "consulting" or "accounting organization." Unless the game is being played in Europe. There, chances are good you'd hear "legal services" associated with the brand.

"Today's businesses are challenged by globalization, continued economic volatility, and a rapidly changing regulatory climate, making their legal and tax needs increasingly complex," explains Dan Lange, Deloitte Global Tax & Legal Leader. "Deloitte member firms have earned a reputation for helping clients address intricate, cross-border regulatory and cultural issues. Skilled and experienced Deloitte lawyers and tax specialists work together with other Deloitte professionals in consulting and financial advisory to guide clients in a coordinated way around the world."

Legal practices a growing force

With 125 offices and 1,100 lawyers, Deloitte Legal* is able to offer holistic guidance to multinational corporations in 55 countries. Seventy-five of those established local offices are in Europe, where collectively they make up the sixth largest legal services organization on the continent. Deloitte Legal continued to grow in 2013 with the formal integration of the German law firm Raupach & Wollert-Elmendorff into Deloitte Germany.

"It is difficult for most law firms, by themselves, to meet the expanding needs of today's complex organizations. Multinational corporations need a global perspective when considering the legal implications of business decisions—and they need their legal strategy to align with their overall business and tax strategy," says Jean-Victor Prevost, Deloitte Global Legal Services Operations Leader. "Deloitte's international network of lawyers, in conjunction with services addressing their enterprise-wide needs, can serve clients' legal needs well in multiple jurisdictions, while also helping them address their broader business needs."

Deloitte Legal's services focus on five areas: commercial law; corporate mergers and acquisitions; employment and pensions; regulatory issues; and tax issues. Not every service is offered in all 55 countries, but Deloitte Legal's capabilities and reach continue to expand, providing an opportunity to leverage the Deloitte organization's multidisciplinary model to deliver greater value to member firm clients.

Helping clients enter new markets

Globalization presents tax implications, as well as legal ones. International Expansion Services, helps clients understand not only the tax climate in a new market, but it also leverages Deloitte's vast network to offer advice on infrastructure, government incentives, employment and immigration policies, and other key considerations.

A global media organization has relied on Deloitte's assistance with entering new locations since it began expanding from the United States into other countries in 1987. "The organization's leadership decided early on that it did not want to burden its employees with administration, tax compliance, financial filings, and legal issues. Leadership wanted them to focus on their core business," says Ellie Patsalos, UK Lead Tax Partner and UK Lead Client Service Partner for the media organization. "Deloitte services have become more sophisticated through the years and, today, encompass many more areas. But, our mission of serving them "As One" has not changed. We have been right alongside their organization as they expanded into almost 200 locations around the world."

* "Deloitte Legal" means the legal practices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firms or their affiliates that provide legal services. For legal and regulatory reasons, not all member firms provide legal services.

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