Advancing the greater good

Committed to enabling more public benefit

Deloitte seeks to improve the society we live and work in by joining forces with others who have that result as their core purpose. Whether it's a government body that needs a hand responding to its citizens, or a company that seeks guidance in managing its philanthropic efforts, we consider it a privilege to employ our skills and resources to help others deliver greater public benefit.

Enabling responsive government

For the city government of Buenos Aires (GCBA), the job of managing the municipality's vast public spaces was made much more difficult by inadequate information technology. Its systems weren't able to support operations across multiple departments, leaving the city unprepared to handle some basic functions, such as directing service requests to appropriate areas for quick resolution. The GCBA also couldn't properly coordinate projects with contractors, which affected decisions on long-range infrastructure planning and maintenance. The Argentine office of Deloitte LATCO was engaged to improve centralization and coordination among departments to better respond to citizens and improve preventive maintenance and coordination of contractors.

Today, all of the ministry’s departments are integrated onto a new SAP platform and the city is able to integrate information to respond more quickly to citizen needs. The GCBA now has centralized incident management and maintenance for all city objects; streamlined administrative and back-office functions; centralized registration and purchase management; and implemented new internal controls.

Major efficiencies are being realized, due in large part to the shift away from paper-based processes. In March 2013, approximately 1,400 complaints were addressed and resolved, compared to less than 100 claims in March 2012. And automated processes have more than doubled the ministry's maintenance and repair productivity. In 2012, after SAP implementation, the ministry did 600,000 square meters of sidewalk repair and 1.5 million square meters of construction on the streets themselves. Before automation, total construction was approximately 400,000 square meters.

"It was important to choose a reliable and trustworthy service provider—one that delivers results and can create the synergy between SAP, the product, and the work team—no matter what happens. Deloitte was the perfect choice for us," says Rodrigo Silvosa, General Director of Control Management for the Environment and Public Spaces Ministry sector of GCBA.

Growing a charitable network

Public service has never been an issue for Los Angeles-based TOMS. It has earned a sterling reputation thanks to its "One For One" program, through which it gives a pair of shoes to an impoverished child for every pair of shoes the company sells. And when TOMS sells a pair of eyewear, part of the proceeds are used to save or restore the eyesight of an individual in a developing country.

TOMS relies on local giving partners that incorporate shoe giving into their Orphaned and Vulnerable Children programs, and also have the logistical capabilities to distribute shoes. TOMS engaged Deloitte U.S. to expand its network of credible local giving partners within eastern and southern Africa.

Deloitte U.S. has introduced more than 70 potential giving partners to TOMS—enabling this social enterprise to deliver up to 30 million pairs of shoes in Africa—and is exploring ways to streamline TOMS' supply chain and inventory management to ensure that shoes reach children's feet as soon as possible.

"We helped TOMS expand its giving network and make its processes more efficient," says Jerry O'Dwyer, Deloitte U.S. Lead Consulting Partner for TOMS. "Our local knowledge, stakeholder networks and global health capabilities were significant contributors to the project."

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