Outlook and strategy

Deloitte UK competing during Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes week.

Committed to tomorrow

Rare is the organization that is unaffected by market volatility and complexity. Rarer still is the group that can attack those challenges on its own. Seeking insight and skilled resources, many leaders turn to Deloitte for solutions to their most difficult issues. Deloitte professionals help organizations be aggressive in the face of severe external forces, providing capabilities and experience that allow member firm clients to focus on succeeding.

Deloitte is effective because we remain proactive in staying one step ahead of evolving challenges. To ensure our own growth and ability to deliver services to clients, we work in tandem with social, government, community, and business groups to anticipate threats and affect positive change. We also continually motivate ourselves to improve our own potential, enhance member firms' services, and anticipate and address external forces before they can shape us. These forces include:

  • Macro-economic and geopolitical developments, including uncertain global growth, shifting economic power centers, instability and social unrest across several markets, large-scale infrastructure investments, shifts in major sources of energy and resources, and climate change.
  • Demand dynamics and supply trend evolution, including ongoing globalization and complexity of the business portfolio, shifting demand from mature to emerging markets, the growing importance and pace of technological developments, and the potential for labor substitution.
  • Regulatory changes across several industry sectors, including the likelihood for further changes in the length and scope of audit relationships with member firm clients, and the potential for a markedly different global regulatory landscape to emerge at the end of a protracted period of change across several markets.
  • Competitive intensity, including continued pressures from strong incumbent players. We are increasingly watchful of new entrants and business models.

The accelerating pace of change and increasing interconnectivity of these forces will result in further challenges and opportunities for us, making a robust and flexible strategy critical. In FY2013, we were guided by four strategic choices:

  • Market leadership—creating or sustaining a leadership position in each key market we serve by anticipating and rapidly responding to changing market realities and consistently outperforming the competition.
  • Focused market investment—growing and expanding our business, especially in high-growth strategic markets.
  • Operate globally—complementing the inherent strength of Deloitte's member firm structure with a focus on operating more globally, while ensuring consistent, high-quality client service.
  • As One—combining our skills and work in teams across geographic, functional, and business borders to strengthen member firms' professional services and deliver a market-leading client service experience.

Deloitte continues to execute against these choices and has recently focused objectives on the areas we feel are most important to succeed in the evolving marketplace. These include:

  • Ensuring that we are consistently doing everything we can to help achieve the highest possible level of quality in our professions;
  • Further improving client focus and earning greater client share in key markets;
  • Leveraging innovation to raise our performance and outpace the competition; and
  • Evaluating acquisitions to bolster capability and drive growth in strategic areas.

During FY2013, Deloitte saw good results across all of the organization's major geographic regions, business lines, and industry sectors over a period when many of the major markets struggled for growth.