Investment in quality

Committed to continuous improvement

Careful and persistent work drives the people of Deloitte because public trust must be earned. A quest for precision and desire to advance our capabilities is supported by strategy, data analysis, controls, processes, communication, and training, to ensure that quality is integrated into our culture and therefore all activity.

This commitment is evident in how member firms conduct independent audits, reflecting the crucial role in enhancing the trust of the investing public and financial markets. "We're making a major investment in programs and activities to deliver continuous improvements in quality. This includes the Deloitte Audit platform, which brings clients a deeply customized approach to managing important issues and risks," says DTTL Chief Executive Officer Barry Salzberg. "The analytics features of this platform are particularly impressive, increasing the effectiveness while supporting the quality of audits."

Our culture of quality is perpetuated by recruiting well-qualified talent; providing extensive training and education on technical and regulatory matters, professional ethics, and independence; offering valuable, global career opportunities; and developing leaders who cultivate quality across the board.

Quality and risk mitigation go hand in hand; avoiding perils enhances our ability to meet the high standards expected of us by regulators, clients, and the investing public. This past year, we accelerated efforts to push risk assessments from the enterprise level to the member firm level, focusing on consistency and enhanced client risk management. Particular, serious threats demanding our collective attention in FY2013 and beyond include data breaches and emerging-market issues, including corruption and supply-chain risks.

Deloitte works with broad coalitions of leaders and recognized innovators to confront these and other global challenges, being careful to align our external efforts with esteemed groups that share our ambitions and commitment to quality.

"Delivering high-quality service means not only ensuring compliance with rules and requirements, but also working with governments and NGOs to address systemic challenges, like corruption, that undermines businesses," Salzberg says. "For Deloitte, investing in quality involves helping to create conditions that allow all organizations and communities, not just our clients, to succeed."