Executive message

Barry Salzberg, DTTL Chief Executive Officer and Steve Almond, Chairman of the DTTL Board

Committed to continuous improvement

Welcome to our 10th Global Report—a worldwide review of Deloitte’s impact during the 2013 fiscal year.

Our financial and operating performance during 2013 was strong, despite a challenging global economy. Deloitte member firm network revenues increased for the fourth consecutive year, and investments in areas such as quality and innovation reinforced and extended our service capabilities. These results reinforced our position as a leading global professional services organization.

Those headlines are important, but there’s a bigger story behind them. This report offers some examples, from among many, of the breadth of our work and of how Deloitte’s 200,000-plus people bring fresh ideas to make a positive impact on the clients, organizations, and communities with which they work. For instance, Deloitte advisory professionals:

  • Enable companies to discover revenue opportunities by expanding into new markets;
  • Guide chief financial officers on how to better navigate complex business landscapes;
  • Improve conditions for workers and prevent business disruptions by working with clients to find and resolve human rights risks in their supply chains; and
  • Help organizations enhance cyber security and resilience so they can better detect fraud, recover from intrusions, and get back to business quickly.

Deloitte takes its public interest role seriously and works with regulators to contribute to policy development that promotes quality, objectivity, competition, investor confidence, and economic growth. We’re investing to shape the audit of the future, including piloting extended audit reports that will benefit stakeholders by revealing a more complete picture of companies’ financial positions.

Deloitte also takes a leading role in working with other organizations to address challenges faced in common by businesses, governments, and communities, in keeping with our continued support for the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Deloitte specialists bring insights from their client experience, which helps in developing solutions that are practical and effective. Our priorities include combating corruption to increase the integrity of markets and promote prosperity and better livelihoods for everyone.

As this report demonstrates, an unwavering commitment to quality underpins all our work. The focus on quality starts with Deloitte’s leaders. Robust quality controls are in place throughout the organization and client assignments are approached with rigor and discipline. Deloitte is continually investing in innovative tools and methods, like our new auditing platform, to further enhance the quality of our work.

Both the quality and impact of the work reflected in this report are possible because of the talent and leadership of Deloitte people. Every day, all over the world, Deloitte professionals experience diversity, state-of-the-art training, and international career opportunities. Together, this enhances their abilities to lead teams that increasingly work together across borders. Our global vision and shared values instill in Deloitte a distinctive culture that makes us very proud. For clients, this results in consistent quality and higher levels of trust in Deloitte’s insights and solutions.

We hope you find this report as informative and inspiring as we do. Thank you for investing your time in learning more about Deloitte’s impact.

Barry Salzberg, DTTL Chief Executive Officer
Steve Almond, Chairman of the DTTL Board