Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Regulatory & public policy

Public policy

Proactive engagement in the public policy arena

Deloitte is an active player in the dynamic regulatory and public policy arena and, through its professional practices and thought leadership, contributes to strong capital markets. Significant emphasis is placed on enhancing the value of the audit and improving corporate governance, which contribute to the investor confidence that underpins well-functioning capital markets. Strong markets improve the flow of capital to business and fuel economic growth. Through these activities, Deloitte member firms are delivering on their public interest responsibilities to the marketplace and to society at large.

To this end, Deloitte engages stakeholders on issues such as the role of the auditor and financial reporting, with a focus on delivering information that can satisfy the needs of investors and other financial statement users; the important responsibilities of boards, audit committees, and company management to maintain effective corporate governance; and the benefits of harmonization of financial reporting and auditing standards needed for an increasingly globalized society. DTTL and its member firms continue to support the work being done by national regulatory authorities to promote consistency and convergence of regulations, oversight, and enforcement. Common approaches to regulation will smooth the way for a freer flow of trade and investment across borders with benefits for many participants in the global economy.

Deloitte's voice on public policy regarding some of today's biggest challenges impacting economic growth and development—concerns that are shared by governments and society worldwide—is about sharing knowledge, experience, and opinions with policymakers and stakeholders on issues of mutual interest.

Examples of issues and pathways where the Deloitte network is expressing its public policy voice include:

  • Women and the economy—Advancing the economic empowerment of women, which is fundamental to future economic growth, innovation, and competitiveness. Deloitte has been putting forward ideas and thought leadership on improving the gender dividend in various capacities and forums, such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
  • G20—The G20, representative of the world's largest economies, is a key pathway to debating many of the world's biggest policy questions concerning the global regulatory and financial architecture. Deloitte leaders participate in the B20, which is the voice of business at the G20. Deloitte is working to deepen and broaden engagement with this and other multilateral organizations.
  • Youth employment—Youth (un)employment is an ever-increasing challenge to global economic recovery and future economic and social development, not to mention the immediate personal cost to affected women and men and their families. Deloitte's practical experience and knowledge on issues such as education, including continuing education and professional development, talent management, human capital, entrepreneurship, and data analytics can contribute to informed policy discussions and decisions in addressing this critical challenge.

Through the combined efforts of professionals across Deloitte, the Global Regulatory and Public Policy Group continues to work with and support stakeholders, including public authorities, investors, and business and professional organizations, to improve various aspects of the capital markets. The Deloitte network strives to demonstrate a strong commitment to the public duty as a professional service provider, as participants and as contributors to effective capital markets and a stable, growing global economy.

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