Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Education & skills

Education & skills

Deloitte21: Preparing young people for constructive futures

Over 350,000 young people are better prepared for work through the support of Deloitte21 programs. Equipped with greater financial literacy, employability skills like writing a resume, and knowledge of how to start a business, these young people are acquiring the skills to succeed in the 21st century workplace.

Through innovative Deloitte21 programs in 25 member firms, Deloitte people applied their skills and experience to supporting underserved young people: teaching workshops and courses and serving as mentors to help them achieve their ambitions.

Deloitte member firms also provided more than 45,000 hours of pro bono services to educational organizations, helping them strengthen their business capacity and thereby reach more students. Working alongside educators, non-profit leaders, and governments, Deloitte member firms are leading the development and delivery of solutions to local education and skills challenges.

Since the launch of Deloitte21 in 2009, member firms have directed over US$130 million in pro bono services, volunteer time, and cash or in-kind giving to education and skills programs. Supporting young people is one way that Deloitte makes a lasting positive impact on its communities and society.

In 2012, the increasing gap between the skills young people have and the skills that employers need contributed to an unemployment rate of 17.1 percent among 15- to 24-year-old OECD country residents. Tackling chronic youth unemployment and underemployment will require structural changes in formal education and new approaches to on-the-job training and mentorship.

World Youth Report, United Nations

Community Investment and volunteer hours

Community Investment and volunteer hours
Community Investment and volunteer hours
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Deloitte21: Member Firm Achievements in FY2012

Deloitte Brazil – Projeto Comunidade (Community Project)
Deloitte Brazil is making an impact on young people in disadvantaged São Paulo neighborhoods. More than 100 students were trained on entrepreneurship and encouraged to set ambitious goals, guided by 16 Deloitte Brazil volunteers.

Deloitte British Virgin Islands – Company Program and Our Nations Program with Junior Achievement
Over 100 students received practical training thinking entrepreneurially and managing a business, following Deloitte BVI's leading role in the reinstatement of Junior Achievement in the Virgin Islands.

Deloitte Canada – Focus on Youth Citizenship
Developing leadership and ethical skills is a key issue for students in the Canadian public school system. With the nonprofit Learning for a Sustainability Future, Deloitte Canada co-led roundtables to engage education, government, and nonprofit leaders, along with youth representatives, to take action.

Deloitte Chile – Preparing for my Future Program
More than 30 students pursuing environmental degrees received communications and employability training to help them create a sustainable future, through Deloitte Chile's Work Skills Diploma and Mentoring program.

Deloitte China – A Village Adoption Project in Yunnan
In a pioneering public-private collaboration established in 2007, Deloitte China has supported sustainable development in a rural community with a unique ethnic background through program leadership, service learning and volunteers. The approach supports cultural heritage and addresses challenges in health, economic development, and education through programs reaching more than 400 students.

Deloitte Finland and Deloitte Peru – Corporate Responsibility Champion Program
Deloitte Finland and Deloitte Peru launched a three-year multistakeholder collaboration intended to reach 50 teachers and 300 disadvantaged young people with employment and entrepreneurship training. People from Deloitte Finland contributed more than 1,000 hours, including volunteering in Peru and designing the program with a local nonprofit.

Deloitte France – The Winning Twinning
Recognized for innovation, this pioneering exchange between a public high school in Paris and Deloitte France enables 1,900 students and their teachers to access mentoring and support from more than 100 Deloitte volunteers.

Deloitte Germany – Hidden Movers Award
Since 2010, the Hidden Movers Award has honored nonprofits that assist students with the transition to employment. Stiftung Hilfe mit Plan was selected from among more than 150 applicants this year for its positive impact on young immigrants.

Deloitte Middle East – INJAZ al-Arab
To address high regional youth unemployment rates, Deloitte Middle East and INJAZ al-Arab introduced an entrepreneurship curriculum that reached 700 high school and university students and aims to serve more than 2,000 next year.

Deloitte Netherlands - Deloitte Fair Chance Foundation
Training more than 6,500 students in money management, Deloitte Netherlands' Money Exam is one of the firm's Deloitte Fair Chance Foundation programs, which are helping underserved young people nationwide.

Deloitte Peru – Fundacion Deloitte Peru (Deloitte Peru Foundation)
More than 45,500 students benefited from the education, social development, and cultural programs supported by the Deloitte Peru Foundation.

Deloitte Spain – Empieza por Educar
Deloitte Spain assisted with launching Empieza por Educar, a member of the Teach for All global network, by advising on human resources. Deloitte Spain also helped nurture Empieza por Educar's relationships with universities, where talented students are recruited to become teachers in high-need schools.

Deloitte Southern Africa – Port Elizabeth Commerce Incubator School (COINS) Project
Deloitte professionals, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, and the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants embarked on an innovative collaboration that enabled more than 40 students from disadvantaged schools to improve their math and accounting performance.

Deloitte Trinidad & Tobago – Compassion with Action and After School Program
Fourteen primary-school students were paired with Deloitte mentors to meet twice a month as part of a five-year pledge to address the root causes of crime and poverty in Trinidad and Tobago.

Deloitte United Kingdom – Employability Initiative
Over 1,800 students completed the Deloitte Employability Skills Course. Since 2001, the program has been completed by more than 25,000 students, and now through a new collaboration with Pearson, a global education provider, the program is set to scale up further. Deloitte UK people contributed more than 600 volunteer hours supporting students, and more than 900 teachers have been trained to deliver the course.

Deloitte United States – Achievement Centers with Pratham USA
More than 600 disenfranchised young women pursued secondary school certification and vocational skills training as part of a program that Deloitte U.S. professionals helped design. With Deloitte U.S. and DTTL support, four Achievement Centers were opened in India in 2011 and three more were opened in 2012. The program aims to reach another 600 young women in 2013.

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