Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Physical security

Physical security

We strive to protect our people wherever they are working

Deloitte's practitioners, who are working in more than 150 countries and locations and who often travel, can face unique exposures. DTTL and its member firms take seriously their duty to keep their people safe, especially during times of crisis or when client needs may take them to higher-risk locations.

DTTL's Global Security Office (GSO) responded in FY2012 to more than 1,300 requests from member firms for guidance on travel to troublesome destinations. The number of requests nearly doubled from last year because more Deloitte leaders are aware of the service and member firms are increasingly considering work in unfamiliar locations.

GSO also continued to help Deloitte member firms improve their crisis management and security programs. A first-ever global crisis-simulation exercise was held to identify gaps in member firm crisis plans. Thirty member firm countries have now implemented DTTL's Travel Tracking system, which is used to rapidly account for Deloitte travelers during emergencies.

Strengthening the humanitarian sector

Deloitte is helping to protect not just its own people, but also the communities where it has a presence.

In moments of crisis, Deloitte and other businesses have an important role to play in responding and helping to protect, maintain, and rebuild the communities where they operate. Deloitte endeavors to make a positive, lasting impact on the humanitarian sector by using the core business skills of Deloitte people to enhance the humanitarian system's preparedness to respond to crises.
  • Deloitte Brazil offers a professional service, Deloitte S.O.S, which is designed to help society, governments, and organizations develop strategies and processes for allocating resources more efficiently and transparently. The Brazilian firm also worked with Red Cross Brazil on a pro bono basis to strengthen the organization's crisis response abilities.
  • Deloitte East Africa led efforts, in response to the East Africa famine that affected more than 3 million people in 2011, to assess the transparency and accountability of funds received by the Kenyans for Kenya fundraising campaign, and assessed distribution of food at feeding centers.
  • Deloitte United States has focused on providing pro bono services to humanitarian nonprofits. In the wake of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Deloitte United States helped Project HOPE develop a strategic plan for improving its effectiveness in Haiti and all 35 countries where the organization operates.

Responding to crises

GSO tracks worldwide events and responds to virtually every major security incident that has the potential to impact our member firms and people, ranging from natural disasters to civil unrest. DTTL has 24-hour security and emergency medical resources to quickly help Deloitte's people.

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The people of the Deloitte member firms travel all over the world in order to carry out projects for their clients, and DTTL's people must also travel to work with member firms and other stakeholders. While most of their business trips are completed without serious incidents, member firm people are occasionally asked to visit higher security risk locations or get caught in potentially dangerous situations during crisis events. DTTL and its member firms recognize their duty to protect their people and perform this duty with the utmost seriousness.

DTTL's Global Security Office (GSO) has a robust set of capabilities and programs for keeping Deloitte's people safe at their home offices and on business or personal travel. One important function of the GSO is making sure that Deloitte's people are aware of particular risks that may be present in places they visit. To provide thorough information, GSO has developed general and country-specific online courses and maintains a comprehensive travel security website that contains the latest security bulletins, assessments, country risk ratings, and other resources for travelers. GSO also has a network of specialized security providers who are based in many higher-risk locations, and who can be called upon for direct support of specific member firm engagement teams.

As part of DTTL's global travel security protocols, member firms are encouraged to incorporate security into their normal travel programs and to consult with GSO before undertaking travel to riskier locations. GSO can provide member firm leadership with the latest threat information to help them make informed decisions about whether to accept particular assignments.

When member firm engagement teams cannot avoid traveling to high-risk locations, the GSO can assist them with designing comprehensive security plans, including location-specific security briefings, hotel and transportation recommendations, on-the-ground project logistics, and direct security support as needed. Should security emergencies happen in high-risk or other locations, GSO is able to mobilize security and emergency medical resources to quickly provide assistance to Deloitte travelers and immediate family members whether they are on business or personal travel.

Additionally, whenever a crisis occurs anywhere in the world, DTTL, through its Global Crisis Management Team, is able to provide a swift response to help member firms account for the safety of their people, provide necessary relief, and resume normal business operations as soon as possible.

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