Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Distinctive talent experience

Distinctive talent experience

Diversity, development, and opportunity abound

The power of the Deloitte network is its people, and the future of the organization rides on their continued delivery of exceptional service and innovation for member firm clients worldwide. So when people seek to join Deloitte or want to advance their careers within the Deloitte network, we ask them "why?" Top answers include:

  • Leadership
  • Development
  • Connection
  • Inclusive culture
  • Flexibility

Deloitte is committed to sustaining a culture and providing a work experience that are distinctively connected to these career goals and others, including those expressed by "millennials" newly entering the workforce.

The empowerment and advancement of women and building the inclusive leadership and multicultural competence to work successfully across borders continue to be diversity priorities. Percentages of women in all major reporting categories remained nearly even or increased from last year, and women accounted for 22 percent of new member firm partner, principal, and director admissions.

Deloitte helps prepare all its professionals to deliver solutions to member firm clients, especially in light of shifting market challenges and opportunities. In FY2012, Deloitte doubled the number of industry-specific training curriculums available globally. There was a nearly 30 percent increase in the number of online courses taken, as well as an increased focus on experiential learning.

Deloitte has been ranked 5th in Universum's "World's Most Attractive Employers 2012" rankings by business students worldwide.

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