Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Developing world-class business leaders

At Deloitte, developing world-class business leaders and professionals is an investment that pays dual dividends: it furthers the career growth and aspirations of Deloitte professionals, and, most importantly, it provides new and unmatched levels of service, insight, and value to Deloitte clients.

Deloitte University sets the organization's standard for leadership development. Professionals from around the world come to the Westlake, Texas campus to hone their leadership and professional skills in an environment designed to model and enhance global collaboration and service delivery.

Training in technical skills and industry expertise strengthen the overall leadership development experience, and the cumulative impact is intended to set Deloitte apart in the market.

In FY2012, Deloitte advanced its objective to be recognized as a top leadership-development organization in a number of ways:

  • Talent leaders collaborated to create a new global leader framework, which includes a common leadership taxonomy and consistent global learning curriculum for the Deloitte network.
  • Specific leadership development programs and initiatives were launched or bolstered, including ones for senior managers, global lead client service partners, inclusive leadership, and "nextgen" leaders.

Deloitte University

Deloitte University, a unique learning and leadership development center in Westlake, Texas welcomed more than 40,000 Deloitte professionals from 70 countries during FY2012. This facility provides a venue for Deloitte's people to connect in person, share ideas and insights, and develop or enhance their approaches to serving clients and doing business. The goal of DU is to develop strong, globally minded leaders for today and a pipeline of leaders for tomorrow. It is a catalyst for leadership and lifelong learning—where professionals connect, share their best thinking, and identify and capitalize on new and innovative ideas and approaches.

New Hires by Region and Level

New Hires by Region and Level
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