Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Deloitte Audit

Deloitte Audit

Delivering on the commitment to quality

Deloitte has always been committed to serving the public interest by providing high-quality audit services that strengthen global markets. This is an enduring hallmark of the organization.

Deloitte Audit is the latest generation of Deloitte's transformed audit platform that is purposefully designed to address the complexities of modern businesses, incorporating new methodologies, content, and technologies to ensure relevant, high-quality audits in a constantly changing environment. Deloitte Audit addresses the current scope and key evolving dimensions of the audit landscape, recognizing:

  • Major changes in audit regulations and standards
  • Increasingly sophisticated business models
  • Advances in technology and data proliferation

Deloitte Audit is a multiyear, global business-transformation effort. It provides clients with an insightful, customized audit approach that concentrates on their most important issues and risks.

The innovative platform features substantially enhanced technology and tools that support systemic risk identification, globally integrated work teams, and the development of quantitative data analytics. It exemplifies a network-wide commitment to audit quality and innovation that encompasses the full spectrum of relevant stakeholder accountability, from client value to social and economic responsibility.

To uphold public trust, societies are seeking ever higher standards of accountability and transparency. Countries are adopting new accounting rules and standards, requiring companies to understand and adapt to changing compliance and regulatory requirements.

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