Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Reporting process

Reporting process

Stakeholder insights shape our report

We listen carefully to the many stakeholders with whom Deloitte people interact. In accounting for the Deloitte contribution and performance, our aim is to combine the interests and concerns of our stakeholders, as well as to explain what guides and motivates our own approaches and priorities.

Deloitte identifies stakeholders through internal discussions which are guided by knowledge of the business. Stakeholder groups considered most important to engage are those with a notable ability or tendency to:

  • Help influence Deloitte's success
  • Be highly affected by Deloitte's endeavors
  • Alter the markets, regulatory settings, and industries in which Deloitte operates
  • Affect the supply of resources that are critical to Deloitte's business

This year, in-depth stakeholder analysis was conducted with Deloitte people and member firm clients, two vital stakeholder groups. Deloitte surveyed its people from different regions, levels, functions, and tenures about the organization's priorities. Survey respondents had to make trade-offs among multiple priorities — as executives do when setting strategies — and this helped Deloitte assess their relative importance. For member firm clients, Deloitte gathered a large sample of their requests for information and ranked the topics in importance based on their frequency.

Deloitte business unit teams were interviewed to understand how they had engaged stakeholders during the year and how those stakeholders' interests had evolved. Some senior Deloitte leaders were interviewed about how they see Deloitte's priorities. A full list of stakeholders engaged and their priority issues is available.

The issues that were analyzed through stakeholder engagement were also considered with respect to Deloitte's business strategy. This enabled us to refine the priorities we attach to some material business issues. In the resulting materiality matrix, issues are classified into three categories according to their overall importance. These material issues were used to shape the scope and content of this report.

This Global Report is one instrument that Deloitte uses to address stakeholders' interests. Stakeholders likely to read the Global Report include current and prospective employees, member firm clients and suppliers, media and analysts, and civil society organizations. A detailed description of this report's boundaries and the performance measurement methods used is available in the Basis of Reporting document.

Materiality Matrix

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