Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Outlook & strategy

Outlook and strategy

Complexity and rapid change are defining and permanent features of the landscape for Deloitte clients and Deloitte's business. Deloitte's ability to fulfill our promise to clients, and to sustain our own growth, rests on executing a strategy that appropriately addresses a fluid competitive environment and anticipates the current and future needs of clients around the world.

The Deloitte network is capitalizing on market opportunities through four strategic choices:

  • Market leadership: creating or sustaining a leadership position in each key market we serve by anticipating and rapidly responding to changing market realities and consistently outperforming the competition
  • Focused market investment: growing and expanding our business, especially in high-growth strategic markets
  • Operate globally: complementing the inherent strength of the Deloitte member firm structure with a focus on operating more globally, while ensuring consistent, high-quality client service
  • As One: strengthen the professional services Deloitte delivers by working across geographic, functional, and business borders.

These strategic elements are supported by continued investments in hiring, developing, and retaining top talent, improvements in audit practices, and increased industry knowledge and focus.

In FY2012, Deloitte grew across all of the organization's major geographic regions, business lines, and industry sectors.

2012 Revenue:

2012 Revenue
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