Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Investment in quality

Investment in quality

A critical, sustained focus

Deloitte's presence in the marketplace, its member firm client relationships, and its larger stakeholder commitments are marked by a sustained focus on and investment in quality.

This commitment is perhaps most evident in the audit practice and discipline, reflecting the independent audit's crucial role in protecting the investing public and capital markets. Deloitte takes pride in this role, and Deloitte member firms are investing in their audit practices to continuously enhance the quality of their audit work.

Deloitte is constructively engaged with regulators and other stakeholders worldwide on issues such as the role of the auditor and financial reporting, with significant emphasis on enhancing audit value and quality, improving corporate governance, and increasing public confidence in the audit process.

Deloitte Audit, a global, transformative audit platform that provides clients with a customized approach to their most important issues and risks, exemplifies Deloitte's commitment to audit quality.

Quality also underscores Deloitte's investment in talent and its support of leadership development and professional growth, including extensive training and education on technical and regulatory matters, and on professional ethics and independence.

In addition, Deloitte's systematic quality and risk frameworks support the member firms' abilities to serve the public interest and consistently deliver services that meet high quality standards.

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