Deloitte 2012 Global Report
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Vision & values

Vision & values

Our Vision

We aspire to be the standard of excellence, the first choice of the most sought-after clients and talent.

Business and society's success are inextricably linked: for society to flourish, business must also thrive. Business drives innovation. Through its investments, products, and services, business contributes to societal progress and well-being.

Deloitte is committed to driving economic growth, capitalizing on business opportunities, responding productively to challenges, and supporting the creation of a sustainable and prosperous society. It is working to make clients across the world stronger and better able to compete in a globalized marketplace.

  • Risk enterprise teams are promoting good governance and anti-corruption.
  • Audit practices are building and preserving public trust in capital markets.
  • Consulting professionals are unlocking innovation and productivity in businesses.

Deloitte's support of clients helps drive advances across the business spectrum—from breakthroughs in data analytics that help put healthcare professionals where the need is greatest to stimulating global business leaders' thinking on the nature of leadership to promoting a clearer understanding of international regulatory and tax policies. Applying the Deloitte network's collective insight and expertise to problems and opportunities creates pathways for individual growth and achievement, business success, and value for society.

The Deloitte Shared Values

The Deloitte Shared Values bind the people of the Deloitte member firms together, providing the basis for trusting one another and helping enable the network to achieve its vision.


We believe that nothing is more important than our reputation, and behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are. Deloitte demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainable, responsible business practices.

Outstanding value to markets and clients

Deloitte plays a critical role in helping both the capital markets and our member firm clients operate more effectively. We consider this role a privilege, and we know it requires constant vigilance and unrelenting commitment.

Commitment to each other

We believe that our culture of borderless collegiality is a competitive advantage for us, and we go to great lengths to nurture it and preserve it. We go to extraordinary lengths to support our people.

Strength from cultural diversity

Our member firm clients' business challenges are complex and benefit from multidimensional thinking. We believe that working with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and thinking styles helps our people grow into better professionals and leaders.

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