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Responsibility to our Values: Ethics & Compliance 

At Deloitte we have always tried to act responsibly and apply common sense to all that we do, including consideration of the consequences of our actions. Local sustainability initiatives at Deloitte have taken place sporadically over time, consistent with increased awareness within our society, with varying degrees of impact for limited periods of attention.

Sustainability Launch
At the start of 2008--following establishment of a formal Corporate Responsibility Policy which stated in part the intent of Deloitte to "advocate the sustainable use of natural resources and the environment"-- ad hoc actions were replaced with a strategic, national greening program. The "Greening the dot" launch changed forever the way we think about the environment and our responsibility and role in contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our "top/down bottom/up" approach to sustainability recognized two fundamental truths: first, for environmental considerations to be sustainable they must be integrated into everyday processes and behaviors; and second, that success depends on our people deciding for themselves that they want to fully invest their energy and leadership in supporting sustainability. Therefore, although we provided programs and tools, it was the grassroots engagement with our people on an opt-in/voluntary basis that has fueled the green transformation at Deloitte.

Greening Programs
We recognize that there is still much to do, but we are off to a strong start. In January, we supplied all of our managing partners with tools and communication templates, and set up the hub of communications with a robust corporate responsibility/greening intranet site. Green champions were appointed and green teams were formed in every office.

In February, we started the "How green is your footprint?"™ campaign featuring a proprietary online mechanism to not only measure each person's "green-ness" but to compare their score to others in their office and region, and, importantly, to offer tips on how to improve their score.

In March, the Green Dot Scorecard was introduced to measure progress office-by-office in completing the sustainability projects contained in the greening toolkit.

How have the people of Deloitte responded? By the end of the summer, virtually all of our approximately 44,000 employees have visited the site; and as we enter the fall, more than half or 24,500 have registered their footprint. Further, during the first six months more than 1/3 rd or over 1,000 greening projects have been completed at the office level.

Driving engagement with our people has been a high level of collaboration among our Ethics, Talent, Community Involvement, Field Operations and ITS teams—all of whom have incorporated sustainability into their programs.

Green Council
We have also established the Deloitte Green Council, which is comprised of partners and directors from each of the regions and augmented by representatives from Internal Operations, ITS and Talent. The role of the Council is to:

  • Assist in implementing a sustainable green culture at Deloitte
  • Develop and share green ideas across regions
  • Participate in the development of greening goals
  • Track and monitor our performance in implementing ideas and achieving our goals
  • Identify and address challenges and opportunities related to greening Deloitte

On the horizon, is the continued integration of sustainability throughout the organization, generation of baseline metrics of our carbon footprint and increased communication and involvement with our people.

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