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The Right Thing

Our Community: Community Involvement

We focus our attention on areas where we can make the greatest impact—that's true for our clients, our internal sustainability programs, and within our communities. Along with passion and commitment, we offer unique value through our experience, skills, and collaborative way of problem solving.

The business of social impact

Deloitte believes the business community has a powerful role to play in driving social progress. Indeed we, as companies, are uniquely qualified to help the social sector achieve its vision for a better tomorrow.

As current research indicates, nonprofits need more than just time and money to help our communities thrive; they need professional skills.

According to Deloitte's 2009 Volunteer IMPACT Survey, corporate grant makers (77 percent) and nonprofits (75 percent) agree that there is significant value in harnessing employee skills. Further, 95 percent of nonprofits agree they are in greater need of pro bono or skilled volunteer support.

Deloitte is paving the way for businesses to help address this need by modeling a strategic approach to community involvement that puts the talent of our people at the center of our outreach efforts. We do this by:

  • Leveraging our best thinking to strengthen nonprofit capacity so that nonprofits can help more people and communities, faster and better,
  • Complementing our best thinking with strategic investments of financial resources through large-scale grants and regional donations, and
  • Creating and sharing new research, content, and insights to advance the field of corporate community involvement.

Our programs

Based on our unique strategy, Deloitte has built an award-winning, outcomes-focused community involvement program that is redefining the way stakeholders think about corporate philanthropy. From year-round skills-based volunteerism to cutting-edge research initiatives to one of the first formal pro bono programs in the marketplace, our program showcases the value of professional skills in driving social progress.

It also establishes community involvement as a valuable driver of business strategy. We are at the forefront of integrating community involvement strategies into the way we recruit, develop, and connect our people, as well as how we develop relationships and reputation in the marketplace.

Deloitte Community Involvement Review

Our commitment to the community has proven its ability to deliver value time and again – for our communities, our people, and our business. Following are highlights of some notable accomplishments this past year:

Skills-based volunteerism
The Deloitte Center for Leadership & Community, an intensive nonprofit executive training program, welcomed an unprecedented 700+ nonprofit executives across the country to provide valuable insight and guidance on such critical topics as strategic planning, talent management, board governance, succession planning, managing effective teams, and more. By providing these free workshops, we helped set the stage for hundreds of nonprofits nationwide to operate more effectively.

Another milestone this year was the celebration of our 10th annual IMPACT Day, Deloitte's national day of service, on June 5, 2009. On this day, more than 32,000 Deloitte personnel across the country set aside their work to volunteer on 800 projects in 252 communities. For the first time in IMPACT Day history, more than 1/3 of all projects enabled our people to volunteer not just their time, but their professional skills to make an impact.

Pro bono service
In 2008, Deloitte made a bold move that distinguished our pro bono commitment by establishing the policy and procedures to put pro bono engagements on par with client work and support up to $50 million dollars in pro bono service over three years. Since then, the program has mainstreamed our pro bono efforts by enabling our people to engage in pro bono work during business hours while receiving the same credit they would for commercial work. With more than 100 projects completed or underway, we've been able to achieve profound outcomes in communities nationwide including:

  • A long-term multi-million dollar pro bono project with College Summit, a national nonprofit that works to increase college enrollment among low-income students, which, in the last year, helped to increase the organization's operating efficiencies, in some cases by more than 80 percent.
  • An engagement with CaliforniaVolunteers that resulted in strategic plans for the state's first Disaster Corps (i.e. a "corps" of trained volunteers that will ensure statewide coordinated response to disasters) and Business Partners Program. This engagement earned Deloitte the prestigious 2009 Social Innovation Spotlight Award from the California Governor's Office.

As an outgrowth of the core program, Deloitte also launched a unique new Pro Bono Fellowship Program in June 2009, to reward a handful of our top performers with an opportunity to lend their skills to a local nonprofit on a full-time basis for up to six months.

Thought leadership
In addition to delivering world-class programs, Deloitte is committed to advancing the field of corporate community involvement. Our research is among the most cited in the field, our leaders are regularly invited to share our strategy and insights across sectors, and our program model is inspiring corporations nationwide to put their competencies behind their community support. During the last year, our leadership in this space has earned critical recognition including:

  • Deloitte was honored with the 2009 Points of Light Institute Corporate Engagement Award of Excellence for exemplary workplace volunteer program, the nation's highest award for corporate civic engagement,
  • We were invited to co-chair the Reimagining Service Task Force, the Points of Light Institute's Skills-Based Volunteerism Committee, and the Taproot Foundation's Pro Bono Action Tank leadership group,
  • Senior Deloitte executives were invited to speak at such high-profile events as the ServiceNation Summit, National Conference on Volunteerism & Service, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP), Corporate Philanthropy Summit, and the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Roundtable on Corporate Citizenship,
  • Deloitte was profiled in the Wall Street Journal for our unique approach to community involvement, and
  • We published 14 bylined articles in major dailies and business journals on corporate community involvement.

Strategic philanthropy
While skills-based volunteerism is the life blood of our community involvement program, we also drive impact through strategic financial investments. Highlights of our recent achievements in this area include:

  • The Deloitte Problem Solvers Fund — Established in 2006, the fund invests in local community initiatives where our people are deeply engaged in nonprofit capacity-building like The Deloitte Education Collaborative in Philadelphia, PA. The collaborative was founded to help reduce the city's 45 percent drop-out rate by engaging a collective of local education-focused nonprofits to address individual student needs throughout their high school experience. This past summer, more than half of the students supported by the fund successfully completed professional summer internships, a critical step on the path to college and career readiness.
  • Deloitte/United Way Campaign — Despite the challenging economic climate, our people demonstrated their continued confidence in United Way's ability to maximize impact by contributing more than $20 million last year — a new record. In addition, we had the highest number of Tocqueville givers ($10,000+) of any U.S. corporation for the 7th year in a row. This year, we will break new ground in our United Way support by launching education-focused campaigns in select markets. Donors in these markets will be able to designate funds to a new Deloitte/United Way Education Collaborative which will support local United Way education-focused programs that share our commitment to preparing students for college and career success.

Looking ahead

In the coming year, Deloitte will continue to pave the way toward a new standard of corporate community involvement across the US We will explore compelling new research, increase the breadth and depth of our programs, deepen our nonprofit relationships, capitalize on opportunities to share our story, and deliver greater return on our investment by more closely aligning our efforts with Deloitte Talent and Client strategies.

We will also step up our focus on an issue that is a priority for our nation and our business: education. Building on our current support of more than 60 education-focused programs, we will deepen our alliances with City Year, College Summit, and United Way, to sharpen our focus on improving graduation rates, college access and enrollment, and career readiness.

With education now in the nation's spotlight, our accelerated efforts around these issues will help to establish Deloitte as a leader in this space while driving the country toward our national goal of having the highest percentage of college graduates in the world by 2020.

We look forward to another great year of innovation and achievement in community involvement, as we continue to drive impact in a way that makes sense for our people, our communities, and our business.

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Regarding Community Involvement

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