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Message from the Chief Executive Officer: Barry Salzberg

Keeping our eyes on what matters

It's in tough times that we see what really matters to people and organizations, and in fiscal 2009 this certainly proved to be the case for Deloitte and corporate responsibility. Even in a downturn, corporate responsibility is a strategic imperative, critical to our people and our clients. It's a big reason why the best want to join us. And clearly they do: for the second time in three years, we are once again #1 in BusinessWeek's annual Best Places to Launch a Career rankings.

As part of that commitment, last year we took significant steps toward greening Deloitte. Green champions and green teams led grassroots support of toolkit projects to build sustainability. Our people's engagement has been gratifying, as demonstrated by the response to our "How green is your footprint™" survey. More than 28,000 people have participated thus far.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility in all of their dimensions have also been important topics for many of our clients. Our Enterprise Sustainability group has grown significantly by providing cross-functional, integrated services for organizations across the US.

Changing our carbon footprint is a different story, however. With 45,000 people in some 100 practice offices in the US and India, it will be a journey. And, as those within the sustainability community make clear, it's a journey that never ends, requiring the actions of many. This year we started by calculating our footprint—a lengthy and complex process. The next step is to confirm our findings, followed by establishing reduction targets.

We continue to be an acknowledged leader in community involvement. Over the past decade, the Deloitte Foundation, funded by Deloitte and retired partners, principals and directors, has contributed more than $50 million to support excellence in teaching, research and curriculum efforts. Looking ahead, we are entering the second year of our three-year commitment to dedicate $50 million in professional pro bono services to leading non-profits. And we are immensely proud of IMPACT Day 2009, in which 32,000 of our people dedicated a day to community service.

Our efforts on behalf of our talented people also made headway. We completed the roll-out of Mass Career Customization™, our holistic approach to career-life fit. A survey indicates that MCC program participants felt a level of satisfaction four times greater than their previous interactions. Progress also continued in the areas of diversity and inclusion and women's issues; nearly 45 percent of those promoted this year are women, and one third minorities.

Looking to the future for our people, we've broken ground and begun construction of Deloitte University which is scheduled to open in 2011. Our plan is to create a LEED certified, state-of-the-art learning facility in Westlake, Texas, that will give our people unparalleled leadership, development, and culture-building experiences.

With ethics, integrity, and quality as a foundation, corporate responsibility has long been an integral part of our values and remains critical to our strategic goal of attracting the world's best talent and clients. Whatever the economic climate, we will keep our eyes on what matters and not lose momentum in this important area. Next year, we will continue the journey, doing more than our fair share to make the world a better place.


Barry Salzberg
Chief Executive Officer
Deloitte LLP

Barry Salzberg

Chief Executive Officer
Delloite LLP