What is your hope for the new year?

This is the question we posed to the children of employees throughout the Deloitte network of member firms to help us build our year-end e-card. The hope of the Global Brand & Communications team was to receive three winning designs, but we were so impressed by the quality, creativity and thoughtfulness of the submissions that we chose nine! Please take this as a new opportunity to remember what matters most. Happy New Year.

ages 4–6

Created by Gabriela Padilla Guevara, age 6;
child of Adriana Guevara Olier, Deloitte Colombia


Created by Sunny Chan, age 6;
child of Shina H. Lin, Deloitte Taiwan


Created by Maja Sadowska, age 5;
child of Paweł Sadowski, Deloitte Poland


ages 7–9

Created by Florentyna Ołowska, age 7;
child of Anna Ołowska, Deloitte Poland


Created by Bianca Raissa Gita Allisha, age 9;
child of Shinta Pratiwi, Deloitte Indonesia


Created Santiago Ángel Traverso Oliva, age 8;
child of Silvia Mónica Oliva, Deloitte Argentina


ages 10–12

Created by Ana Mijović, age 10;
child of Zarko Mijović, Deloitte Serbia


Created by Mariana Muñoz Valdès, age 11;
child of Martha Patricia Valdès Soto, Deloitte Colombia


Created by Nina Granatelli, age 10;
child of Toni Williamson, Deloitte Australia